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Coffee+Liquor: Coffee Infused Shine

Posted by Christopher Morgan on
Coffee+Liquor: Coffee Infused Shine



I like to make stuff. I like to make stuff that is different, creative, or simply easy enough that anyone should be able to do it. That last part has gotten me in more trouble than anything. I have found that most hobbies start out this way and some things are better left alone. That doesn't stop me from trying out a few different techniques that might improve on something simple.

Take for example alcohol. At a local restaurant where I live the chef often infuses liquor with some amazing flavors. Vodka and fresh blood oranges? Check. Hay smoked bourbon? Never tried it but I wanted to! (Someone else drank it all.)  Seen those fancy bottles of vodka with cucumber? Too easy! Adding flavor to any liquor can be done at home with ease.

Infusing liquor is a lot like a Ronco cooker. You know....set it and forget it! Add whatever you want to flavor of to a mason jar and top with pure alcohol (vodka is okay but something like Everclear is better). I have done it several times before with some pure grain alcohol I picked up in Mississippi. Apple pie shine is great but canteloupe shine is the taste of summer in a glass! Now I am going to venture into making a coffee infused shine as a base for upcoming drinks in the blog.

To start off, add 1/4 cup of whole beans to a pint mason jar. Fill the jar about 3/4 full and let it sit for about 2-3 weeks. In my case, I am using our West Texas Intermediate. Take a sip from time to time to test for the flavor that you want. Want a lighter flavor, strain the beans off sooner. For a heavier flavor, let it sit longer before straining. You can always add more liquor to tone it down later.

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