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Welcome to Deepwater Coffee Company!

Posted by Christopher Morgan on
Welcome to Deepwater Coffee Company!

"5 O'clock!" That is the usual wake up call on an oil and gas platform.  Roll out of bed, get dressed, and make your way to the galley.  Grab some eggs to order, some bacon, and grab a seat.  Time to get some coffee!  Go to the coffee maker and grab a cup of the ole black stuff.  Take a sip and....what the hell is this!  It tastes like water! (on a good day)  The pot next to it tastes like the burnt scrapings from the bottom of the oven!  Too bad you don't have a good cup of java to really get your day started off right.

Welcome to Deepwater Coffee Company!  This scenario has played out day after day so many times that I felt compelled to provide a better coffee.  I have brought my own coffee to work so many times just to end the torture of poor coffee.  I haven't had coffee this bad since my days in the Navy!  Mmmmm....government with tree twigs.....

If you are like me, you want good coffee.  It is a great start to the day and great for that midday pick me up.  You rely on it to get you going to start off a day right.  There have been many times while working that all I wanted when I got to land was to get a good coffee.  The wait is over!

Deepwater Coffee has been carefully curated to provide the best bang for the buck. Our tasters have worked to bring you the best flavor possible from small batch operations.  Our coffee is roasted, ground and shipped within days of your order.  This ensures that you get the best that we can offer in coffee flavor and freshness.  If you are looking for a great start to your day, try our coffee.  Satisfaction guaranteed or return it for a full refund.  Just let me know why you didn't like it and I will work to fix it!

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